Here at Purcy Chair Co. we are committed to operating as ‘green and carbon efficient’ as possible.

We have significantly reduced plastic in our packaging. Plastic is only used to protect the transport cases of your chair, while all other chair parts inside the case are free of plastic or non-recyclable materials. Other products are shipped in cardboard, which is recyclable wherever possible and necessary. 

We are aiming to be completely ‘plastic free’ by 2025.

We have also changed some production methods to ensure that we have minimum impact on the planet. Some of these changes include removing the ‘chroming process’. Instead of chroming metal, we now have a special chrome effect paint, and with some extra polishing – you would never know it wasn’t chrome.

In-regards to logistics we’re proud to say we use DHL, who offer green and carbon neutral transportation. With the majority of our collections being picked up in electric vehicles.