Pop up! Pop Down! With

Take a look at one of our Purcy Pro’s & International hair
superstar! – Andrea Amighetti. Assembling his Purcy chair, with his personalised headrest.

Initially we advise that it will take you 3 minutes to assemble your
Purcy Chair.

After this, once you are familiar with where everything goes, your set up time should take 90 seconds/2 minutes max.

In this time, your client can make you a hot drink (or grab you a cold one πŸ‘€). Before they take a seat in your Purcy and receive salon/shop comfort in their own home! or Garage or The Beach, for that matter!?...

There are instructions in the zipped pouch inside the β€˜lid’ of the main case, but we doubt you will need them.

No more aches or pains for the professionals carrying out services away from the normal working environment by bad body posture.


And, so should your bank balance πŸ˜‰.