The World's First Portable Treatment Chair

Purcy chair is the world’s first portable and professional treatment chair, built with over 18 years of experience in the hair and beauty industries. Made with both clients and professionals in mind and designed to improve the level of professionalism across all services.

Taking under two minutes to assemble and dissemble, Purcy Chair is the easy to transport, easy to manoeuvre addition to any professional kit. Weighing 73kg/160lbs lighter than a standard industry chair, our chairs are optimised to be portable, quick to assemble and include secure space saving design, whilst being robust enough to carry out treatments day in and day out. 

Featuring a custom case, with foam housing and top-quality padding for protection, telescopic handle and four - 360 degree rotating wheels, two at the rear with a brake. Not a single detail on Purcy Chair has been overlooked. From, 126 degrees recline feature, fully adjustable height, to detachable arm rests, head rest and foot plate. 

Modular accessories that can also be used with your chair for various professions are always in research and development, to ensure an ever innovative and evolving attitude.

Elevating every experience.

Developed by the industry, to put a top level of professionalism into the hand of all.

International Patents pending with IP Protection in place.

Purcy Chair Co.®