Revolutionizing Professional Treatment

The Purcy Chair is the world's first portable and professional treatment chair, developed with over 19 years of experience in the hair, beauty and wellness industries. Crafted with both professionals and clients in mind, here to elevate the level of professionalism across all professional services.

Swift Assembly, Top-Quality Comfort

Assembled and disassembled in under two minutes making it a highly portable, easy-to-manoeuvre addition, to any professional kit. On average It’s 75kg/165lbs lighter than a static standard industry chair, designed for a quick easy setup and shop-level comfort, yet durable enough for constant daily use.

Advanced Mobility And New Standards

Including; a custom transport case with foam housing for protection, a robust telescopic handle, and four 360-degree rotating wheels, two of which have brakes at the rear. It boasts a 126-degree recline feature, fully adjustable height, and detachable armrests, headrest, and footplate. No detail on the Purcy Chair has been overlooked.

Innovating Beyond Boundaries

We are constantly researching and developing modular accessories that can be utilized with your chair across different professions, ensuring a perpetually innovative and evolving mindset.

The Purcy Chair is just the beginning...

Elevating Every Experience.