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The Purcy Chair - White

The Purcy Chair - White

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  • Hairdessers
  • Barbers
  • Beauticians
  • Aesthetics
  • Lash Technicians
  • Dentists


  • Fast and easy assembly/disassembly - Assembles in under 2 minutes, with an easy to operate and robust attachment system.

  • Premium materials throughout all production - Made with the highest quality materials throughout every stage of the production process. *Serafil thread used for the upholstery. (used by OEM such as Bentley, Porsche & BMW.)

  • Ergonomic design - Extensive research and development on design and comfort – Ensuring safe operation, whilst shaving off any excess weight where possible with a premium finish to all aspects.

  • Premium Transport cases - Robust telescopic handle, 360 degree oscillating wheels x 4, bespoke foam housing for securing parts. Secure straps for attaching base case to main case. No straps needed internally, insert and close lid to secure.
  • Provide; An elevated client experience, a memorable and professional service.
  • Prevent; Bad body posture for both client and the professional. Reduced service quality attributed to inadequate equipment and environment conditions.
  • Gain; Enhanced profitability through a robust return on investment.

*Each Purcy Chair comes with it's own custom transport case.

Professional updated White Purcy Chair images pending.